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  • December 10, 1982
  • Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh
  • Male
  • Indian
  • 5.11

Hasan Kamaal Rizvi

  • December 10, 1982
  • Prayagraj
  • Male
  • Indian
  • 5.11


Hasan Rizvi, A well Known face for Tv shows,is an award winning magician of extraordinary talent, Commonly known as Hasan Kamaal Rizvi. Hasan has perfomed in more than thousands shows in India and all over the world.He is also persomed in indian serials and tv shows,Namely India's got talent 5(Colors),India's got talent 6(Colors),Akbar Birbal(big Magic),Big Celebrity Challenge(Zee Telugu),Ugram Ujjwalam(Mazhavil manorma),Mele ka big Star(Big Magic), I can do that(Zee Tv), Big Boss season 8(Colors) and many more. He has been awarded by many awards like Bhara Gaurav Purushkar,King Of cards,King of birds,Magician of the year, India's Best Magician,Master of illusion etc.

He started to learn magic at very young and tender age of 5 when kids of his age used to study.He has been very fond of magi and thanx to his extra talent,he took a keen interest in performing magic tricks and illusion.He has represented India in many foreign countries.Some bollywood well known faces like Salman Khan and Amitabh Bacchan are in his fan list and has taught Ritvik Dhanjaani and Mandira Bedi a few illusions and made Ritvik win that show.Because of his uniqueness and adoreness,the bollywood town celebs are getting fond of him and demanded him for his new illusion and acts.

Hasan made Salman Khan appear magically in Big boss season-8 and also Amitabh Bacchan appeared from a Bhootnath Return movie poster in IGT-5.He has made more than one Lakh fans all over the world.He is also expert in Mentalism,Manipulations,Sleight of hands,Escape art,Card Gambling,Grand Illusions and want to take indian magic at top position in the world.


Modern art Magic
With Kangna Ranawat Actress
Best Dove Act